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26/09/2023 - PRESS RELEASE - DELSOL Avocats celebrates its 50th anniversary with the arrival of three new teams, including one based abroad

With nearly 130 lawyers and legal advisers and a turnover of €39 million in 2022, DELSOL Avocats is taking the opportunity of its anniversary to take stock of its steady and controlled growth, but also to look to the future.

The life of DELSOL Avocats has been marked by a number of milestones that have shaped the firm into what it is today.
In 1973, Jean-Philippe Delsol founded his legal and tax consultancy firm in Lyon. Xavier Delsol set up a legal and tax consultancy specialising in non-profit organisations. In 1988, an office was opened in Paris.
When the law of 31 December 1990 created the new profession of lawyer by merging the legal and judicial professions into a single profession, the two firms merged. This merger gave birth to DELSOL Avocats.

Today, more than ever, DELSOL Avocats is a firm of entrepreneurs at the service of entrepreneurs, businesses and investment funds which, by remaining attentive to the needs of the players in the economy, is able to offer, beyond legal and judicial advice, a genuine business strategy.
The firm’s motto, « The quality of the relationship », which has always been the guiding principle for the members of the firm in their dealings with clients and partners, is also the watchword in-house. The intuitu personae that unites the partners and the strong desire for cross-functionality and collaborative working are reflected in the management of the teams and the life of the firm.

DELSOL Avocats’ business model is based on recruiting and co-opting experts in a range of complementary areas of business law, without falling into the trap of hyperspecialisation. Three teams will be joining the firm in the coming months, including one international team. [1]

The firm, which sees itself as a business in its own right, also set up its endowment fund in 2009 (one of the first to be set up in France) to support its corporate philanthropy initiatives and work alongside projects with strong human values. The three finalists in the 2023 competition will be invited to present their organisation and their project at the Forum National des Associations & Fondations on 18 October.

Henri-Louis Delsol and Emmanuel Kaeppelin, Managing Partners, are looking forward to « the short, medium and long term projects that will materialize thanks to the commitment and dynamism of all the members of the firm ».

[1Dedicated press releases will be issued on these occasions.